nothing but the good stuff.

The gourmet honey that is used for all of our Tu-Bees Gourmet Honey Tubes comes from the Southern part of Saskatchewan, where the fields are covered in Alfalfa, Canola, and Clover.

Saskatchewan is well known for its crops and for the quality honey that is produced by bees that pollinate these fields.

We at Tu-Bees believe in maintaining a natural product that is pure and good, which is why we use natural flavouring in all of our gourmet products.

All natural flavouring | Nut-free | no additives | no preservatives 

Packaged in a Gluten-Free facility

Black Cherry

available in: tub | tube


available in: Tub | Tube


Available in: tub | tube


available in: tube


available in: tub | tube


Available in: Tub | Tube


available in:  Tub | Tube

Saskatoon Berry

available in: Tub | Tube

Pure Creamed

available in: | Tub | Tube

Pumpkin Spice

available in: | Tub | Tube

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